Technology students mess with dormitory lights

I think this is very cool. 🙂


How to repiar GRUB from Ubuntu live CD

Sometimes people installing new hardwares or update Linux system causes GRUB error. In case you don’t know what GRUB is, according to Wikipedia, it is a boot loader from GNU project. It is used to boot mulitple operation systems on your machine.

Now let’s go back to the GRUB error. One way to fix it is to use Ubuntu live CD.

  • Insert your lived cd into the CD/DVD drive.
  • Boot your machine by using the live CD. Please note that you don’t install the Ubuntu operation system. What you will do is load the live CD into the memory, so it won’t install anything into your hard drives eventually.
  • Find you command line console under the start menu.
  • Type “sudo grub” – Access the grub environment.
  • Type “find /boot/grub/stage1” – It will return something like (hdx, y). “x” means the number of your hard drive. “y” means the number of your partition. e.g. (hd2, 4) means your GRUB is installed on partition 4 of hard drive 2.
  • Type “root (hd2, 4)” – Access the GRUB as root, I think.
  • Type “setup (hd2, 4)” – Setup the GRUB on partition 4 of hard drive 2.
  • Reboot your machine.

Unfortunately, I haven’t have a chance to try it myself. If there is any problem, please submit a comment to this post.

China did well in the Beijing Olympics

The Olympics game is coming to the end. China did very well in the Beijing Olympics 2008. It is the first time that China earns more golds than United States.

Gold Silver Bronze
China 51 21 28
U.S. 36 38 36
Russia 23 21 28
Great Britain 19 13 15

Does it mean China is the strongest sport country in the world? Obviously not. That is because the Chinese government spend lots of money to foster those athletes to participate different sports events. Most of Chinese people may not even touch some of them in their lives.

But I do respect the fact it has more golds than any other countries and the Chinese actually did a good job as a host and a participant.

Install Linux onto your PS3 machine

Why do you want to turn your lovely PS3 machine into a Linux PC? Some of the reasons may be just for fun or gain more knowledge. After I reading this article. It turns out it is possible to run Ubuntu on PS3 machine by using kboot.

It is perfectly legal to do so and has great manufacturer-supported hack. In fact, it is not very difficult. Basically, there are 3 steps you need to follow:

  • Back up you data
  • Upgrade your hard-drive (I guess it is optional)
  • Install the operating system

Switching between PS3 and Ubuntu is not as straightforward as dual booting in a PC. In fact, you need to go back to PS3 system menu and designate “Other OS” under the “Default System”, even before you fully install Ubuntu. After rebooting PS3, you need to plug in your keyboard and mouse to the USB ports of PS3 machine. Follow the prompt to setup and configure Ubuntu on your PS3.

So that is it.

Google’s Android mobile platform could hit the U.S as early as October

The iPhone is a really awesome mobile device on the earth. The design is very attractive. Also, it features touched screen, which makes it very easy to use. Most importantly, there are lots of applications are running on iPhone and many developers are already hitched onto the Apple platform.

The upcoming Android almost does the same things as the iPhone, but in a less elegant and user-friendly way. It may not be as good as the iPhone, but I cannot judge it, by only watching a few video clips on the web. People can say whatever they want, after Android is official released.

I will perfer Android over the iPhone, because it is an open source platform and it will run on multiple mobile devices. Comparing to Android, the iPhone is close-source and close-hardware. It is pretty much like comparing a Macintosh and a PC which is running Linux.

The price will be another factor for me to choose Android. The iPhone + mobile carrier package is too expensive for end users. I always think Apple products are luxuries.

Unfortunately, it seems developers have a hard time to develop applications on Android. Especially, Google is in favor for some companies, by releasing new features and bug-fix ahead of the community. Hopefully, it will change in the future, so that more developers are willing to join the army of Android.

Michael Phelps, one more to go

It only needs a fingertip to decide whether Michael Phelps takes a gold or silver on today’s 100m butterfly. Indeed, Michael Phelps won his seventh gold medal by edging Serbian Milorad Cavic with 0.01 second. This ties Spitz’s seventh gold record in 1972 Munich Olympics. On Sunday, Phelps has the chance to break this record and becomes the first person to win eight golds in a single Olympics event.

It is truly amazing for Phelps and I have to say I really admire him a lot. So if you have time on Sunday, please turn on your TV and witness his achievement in human history. Even he fails to do it, he is still remembered as one of the best athletes in human history.

Update1: I include a frame by frame at the final moment of Phelps VS Cavic

Michael Phelps was in the seventh position of eight men 100 meters butterfly racing, after 50 meters. He is in big trouble.

While Serbia’s Milorad Cavic (right) was gliding to the finishing line, Phelps (left) made a critical decision:

He attempted another half stroke before touching the wall.

With less than 1 meter to go, Phelps still trailed Cavic.

As Phelps reached over his half stroke, Cavic was inches way to touch the wall.

Phelps touched the wall 0.01 second before Cavic slides to the finishing line.

Look closely, Cavic had not touched the wall yet.

Serbian delegation filed protect, but after examining the video tape provide by FINA, they conceded that Phelps had won the race.

Phelps is ready for his eight gold medal.

Update2: Michael Phelps became the first person to win 8 gold medals in a single Olympics. What a remarkable achievement for Phelps. Well done.

The map of Olympic medals

When I was browsing around, I found an interesting map of all time Olympic medals distribution from New York Times. Follow the link here.

It summarizes the medals distribution from 1896 Athens to present Bei Jing 2008 among different countries. It is a nice flash based program running on Sun-One-Web-Server/6.1 (I never use it, but it may be good) If you click on one of the countries on the left, then you can see more information about medals, medalists and events.

Here are some interesting facts:

Greece did pretty well in 1896, by winning 10 golds, 17 silvers and 19 bronzes.

1980 and 1984 were an interesting year, since there was Cold War between Soviet Union and US.

And more…