Boring day is boring.

Today is a boring day, so I decide to look for some fun videos on YouTube to watch. Here they are (very random):

The Human Slingshot

Bedtime in the Lego House – James May’s Toy Stories – Episode 5 Preview – BBC Two (A long title, I knew it)

James May’s toy stories – 3 mile Scalextric world record race

After watching a few videos of James May’s Top Toys, I really love it. You should watch it as well.

Wonder girls and the hilarious copycat

Normally, I do nothing at night, except watching random videos on YouTube. Tonight, I discovered a South Korean girl group called Wonder Girls.

They are a huge success in South Korean. In 2009, they entered the North American market with the leading single “No Body”. In Oct 2009, the song made a debut on the Billboard Hot 100. It becomes the first Korean group to enter the chart.

Enough talk, so let’s look at their live performance in So You Think You Can Dance.

The song is very popular and catchy, then many people start to copy them. That is where things become hilarious.

World wild Internet submissions

Cpdrc Inmates performed “Nobody”

The boys copied it

Even the robots can do it