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How to convert mp4 or flv to mp3 in Ubuntu

1. In Ubuntu, System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

2. Search “libavcodec-unstripped”, you will find something like “libavcodec-unstripped-52” in Ubuntu 9.10 (I guess in future distro release, the package will come “libavcodec-unstripped-53”) ffmpeg needs this package to support mpeg4 encoding.

3. Open terminal, type

4. ffmpeg -i path/to/your_file.mp4 path/to/your_file.mp3

Old server is old

I am just a web developer, not a system administrator.

We have a Solaris Server 5.9. It was released in January 10, 2003. Today is February 3, 2010. It is roughly 7 years old (I appreciate that fact that many old servers are still good enough these days). Even it is old, its primary usage is to serve HTML only. We also have some Mediawiki, WordPress and small PHP applications running on top of it. MySQL 4, PHP5 and Apache 2 are good enough for most of our needs. I should say it is a very decent server, except for the database part.

I never back up my files, until I lost all of them.

I really want to upgrade MySQL database, but because the server was customized (As far as I know, the web service bit was customized). Even though Solaris 5.9 comes with package management tools, we cannot upgrade the databases easily. It will break the databases and leave us with no good.

The server has many websites and many databases. Some of them are obsolete, but I am not sure which ones are. That means we need to go through them one by one. It is tedious, but we should be able to do it step by step.

Being with an old server means I cannot have the latest applications. For example, we stuck with WordPress 2.8, as it is the latest version, which supports our MySQL 4.0.20.

We probably don’t have money to upgrade. Perhaps we would have, but the management must agree that in the first place (It is about 10k to upgrade to Solaris 10). Will they agree? I don’t know. From my understanding, static HTML websites, PHP, and simple on-line applications are pretty much what we need, in term of web services. The server is very capable to do that in the next 5 years, I would say.

No iPad yet

That probably means “We still stick to AT&T, if we want to use iPhone in US”. I talked to our system administrator about it. He agrees the fact we need to upgrade Solaris 10, but he cannot do anything, until we have some money. I talked to my IT manager about it. He is quite new here, so he cannot make decisions yet. Perhaps he will talk to his manager in the future. (fingers crossing). Occasionally, I will have meetings with my manager’s manager. The manager’s manger is not a technical person, so I don’t know whether it is useful to talk about that. (I guess I can slightly mention the server issue to the manger’s manger)

I am just a web developer, not a system administrator.

We can have Ubuntu servers. It is free and updated frequently. At the end of the day, I am just a web developer, not a system administrator. It is his ultimate decision and the management’s matter.

The server is passed from one generation to another. It is our ultimate treasure.

If you have any idea/feeling, please let me know. I don’t know what happen next, but I will let you know in future posts.