My blog is now feeded to my twitter account (I think)

* I want to test whether my blog feed is working correctly in, so that is why you see this post.

* I spent more time on this blog than on Twitter because:

– I am super lazy to tweet on Twitter. I remember I made a script, which allowed me to post random tweets, once the terminal is open. This further proves I am super lazy.

– The blog allows me to post more stuff than in Twitter.

* I checked the statistics today and found that there were 207 unique visitors, which breaking my records. (I got 100 unique visitors in average) I should work harder on this blog, but again I am super lazy. (Who doesn’t want more visitors, because I can post some ad here. You need to agree with me, wouldn’t you?)

* I started this blog, because there are lots of stress in real life. I like to put funny stuff here, so when people (including me, of course!) are having a bad day can relax and smile. It works for me and feeling so much better, after watching funny stuff.

* If you have a hard time to sleep, listen this raining music –>


Watch other people playing games

I like to watch other people playing games, because

* I am sucked.

* I am amazed the skills people have.

* I really like the Commentator.


Sucked: I don’t have any example at the moment.

Skill: A good example will be a Street Fighter match:

Commentary: A good example will be HuskyStarcraft’s youtube channel. His commentary to Star Craft match is really good –> I spent lots of time to watch them.

The most popular hair style in 2010 is….

Yes, it is the mushroom hair style. I am not sure why it is so popular, but apparently many people with hidden talent have a mushroom on their heads. A good example will be the next Susan Boyle: Taiwanese Lin Yu Chun.

Another good example is Detroit Metal City:

My hair is getting long. I guess I should do a mushroom cut, which will be awesome.

How to select all emails in Outlook Web Access

* Open your browser. (Chrome or Firefox, but I haven’t tested it in IE yet)

* Put this in the URL.
javascript:var f=document.activeElement.childNodes[1].contentDocument;var c=f.all[‘MsgID’];var i;for(i=0;i<c.length;i++){c[i].click();}

* Then you can do whatever you want.

Honestly, I don’t really like Outlook Web Access. I haven’t used the desktop version yet, but the Outlook Web Access (the one I used) is really terrible. For example, I cannot select all emails unless I put the javascript above to the URL.

Recently, one of our exchange servers had been comprised and filled with SPAM. It was impossible to send email externally for a day. (In this case, I communicated with people via physical mails.)

Some people I met, they are hardcore Microsoft fans. They will say “Build this freaking thing in .NET” or “It is standard. You need to use it.” (I was thinking, is it industry standard?)

I don’t know why I don’t really like Microsoft products. I remembered I used to like it. For example, .NET, Windows XP and MSN Messenger. After tried out Ubuntu, I hardly use Windows any more. I try to use open source whenever I can. When I talk to people, I encourage them to use open source, even though they don’t really care.

I am not saying Microsoft doesn’t build good things. They do, but I just don’t like “bad” things they built or did.