Remember to have fun

This is the attitude we need!


It is the attitude that counts.

I didn’t think New Zealand play well against Slovakia, but I kept watching the New Zealand team until the end of the match. I had a feeling that they were able to bounce back. Normally, if the team is behind in the last a few minutes, the players will kick long ball into the box. That way, hopefully someone will put the ball into opponent’s net. It actually happened in this match.

Never give up, New Zealand. It is this kind of attitude that saves New Zealand.

Another match I would like to mention is North Korea vs Brazil. It was very emotional for the North Korean to play in the world stage.

They didn’t win, because its opponent is Brazil, but I can see the attitude from the North Korean. They were 2 goals down and still kept playing. Eventually, they scored a goal around 83 minutes.

Will Australian soccer suck for another 10 years?

I think so, why?

I would like to say I support the Australian team, but honestly, they didn’t play well against USA. They lost 1-3 to USA, then another lost to Germany. It is fine to lose to a strong team, but I don’t see a die-heart attitude from the Australian. The Chinese soccer team had that kind of attitude when they were facing France. They knew their weakness and pack its players around the box. When a French attempted to take a shoot, 3 Chinese players ran to him and tried to block the shoot.

I know it is hard for the Australian, because some of them play in the Premier League or Euro and don’t want to risk their bodies, but this is the attitude (I think we need) to play against a stronger team like Germany.

I don’t think the Australian has much chance to overcome Serbia and Ghana, given that their abilities and the tactics they used. A good coach is not good enough for World Cup level. They need a much better coach to lead the team. It is difficult for the Australian to play one on one, so they need to play as a team. China didn’t play a beautiful match against France and they only took 3 shoots. They defended well and took the only chances they got to win the match. It is mass improvement for them and I am very proud.

The Australian has its own national sports like AFL, Ruby and Cricket. Soccer is only small portion of the nation’s sports. When I turn on a free channel on TV, either AFL or Cricket is playing. If I want to watch soccer, then I need to pay around $30 (I am not sure how much I need to pay) per month. This more or less affects how people care of soccer, comparing AFL or Cricket.

The Aussie played AFL well in a local level, but we don’t have a chance to play it in international level. (So we can only prove ourselves in our own country. aka play with ourselves) The Australian plays well in Ruby or Cricket in international level, but there are far more less teams comparing with the World Cup. That means the competition level is not high as the World Cup. Soccer is the first sport in the World. That is why people are very proud when they can win a match, since they can prove themselves at that moment. We can hire a “super” coach, but he cannot improve the fundamental level of Australian soccer. It is inconsistent.

If the Australian wants to prove themselves in the World Cup, more people need to spend more time on soccer. If we don’t care about the World Cup, we can just play our own sports. I don’t think the Australian will care soccer too much after this World Cup. That means the Australian soccer will suck for another 10 years.