Manifest 2010

I never been to a Cosplay before. This is my first time to visit such event. I have mix feeling about it, but at the end it was fun and existing.

  • Better camera: I don’t know much about camera, so I just took a generic camera with me. I saw some people brought some high-end cameras to the show. I probably bring a better camera next time.
  • Ignorance: I felt ignorant, as I don’t know who or what the cosplayers dressed as. I felt very old-school.
  • Ask people to pose: People dressed beautifully. I always forgot to ask people to pose before taking a pictures.
  • Better weather: people complained about the show hosted in Winter, which is chilling and raining.
  • Good work: Some made amazing costumes which look exactly the same in the animes. I realized that some items need to be self-made, as there is nowhere to buy them, not even from ebay.
  • More effort: Some people spent lots of time and efforts on their clothes and make-up. I am not an expert on Cosplay, but I saw some people just put a mask on or attached a few box to their bodies. I don’t think they did a good job honestly. Things just went worse in the Cosplay competition. Basically, people dressed as their favorite characters on stage. Three judges evaluated their costumes and asked them a few questions like how much effort did you spend on it. The nightmare began when some cosplayers performed at the same time. There were lack of practices. Some tried to integrate with the anime video, but it was out of synchronizing. Some did a drama on stage, but it was a group of 3 years playing around. I felt very awkward to watch, so please put more efforts on the performance, if you are thinking to do so.

Here are some pictures from my generic camera:


I am Julia Gillard

Today is election day, please vote for me. Why? because I am a cool woman.

I have a iPad, but Tony Abbott doesn’t. You see the difference?

I am having an election breakfast with David, then go to vote for myself.

I am not sure who the little girl is (You may notice that I use my right hand to block her face), but I am voting for myself.

I saw this kid pointing at me on the street.

Just delivered my speech at Melbourne Convention Centre. I am very tired. Worse thing is we may have a hung parliament.

Update 1:
Just flipped through different TV channels. 4 channels and 4 different results.

Update 2:
Saw this on twitter: @jemmab94 my dad went to school with julia gillard and everyone hated her. I am speechless.

Update 3:
People at twitter ask me what is hung parliament.

Update 4:
People should dress as Super Heroes to vote

Update 5:
I am ugly in the animation. Please put more effort into it next time.

IPod Nano VS washing machine

I accidentally left my IPod Nano in my jacket and it went straight to the washing machine. It was not working when I pull my IPod out of the pocket.

  • Because the IPod had been protected by the pocket (even the pocket is unsealed), I knew there was a chance I could make it work again.
  • I used hair-dryer to blow out all the water inside the IPod.
  • Then I connected it to my computer and hoped the current is able to active the IPod. This took a while (about 30 mins) and the IPod start to response. The lighting was flashing at the beginning, but it becomes stable eventually.

If you tried the methods above, but your IPod still fails to response. Try put your IPod into the refrigerator to freeze it. (I think the idea is to freeze the water inside the IPod and try to active it. I am not sure this is a good idea, but it is worth to try it)