AFL doesn’t have a concept of extra time

We called it football, because we kick the ball with our feet, but we can still pass the ball with hands, in case you don’t know. I realize that there is no extra time for the Grand Final, but there will be extra times if 2 teams drew again next week (just announced). I smell a conspiracy here, as 2 teams draw for the first time, there is a re-match. That means the AFL will earn another big bucket of money from their royal fans.


I don’t think AFL will add extra time to any game in Grand Final stage very soon, if there is a draw for the first game, so let the fans spend the money!


Good hardware, bad website

MSY sells good and cheap hardware. I just bought a SamSung G3 Station external hard drive with 2TB Capacity.

It costs $145. It is cheaper comparing Dick Smith or Officeworks. Because it sells cheap and quality hardware, there is often a line outside of the shop, especially on weekend.

If you visit MSY for the first time, it really scares you. It is the most awesome website I have ever seen seriously.