Follow your passion

My friend asked me should he give up his current job (even it doesn’t pay too much) he loves, then go back to school. I don’t know how to answer it, so I asked him to watch this video:


Stuff that I watch or listen

Tekzilla: I learned hardware and some software news here. (Sometimes I will feel bored, but most of parts are good.)

Diggnation: 2 guys talks technology, while drinking beers. (Some random stuff happens, e.g. having a batman haircut)

Linux Outlaws: 2 dudes talks Linux news with humours.

Tech News Today: Latest technology news. (news, news……………..)

Shaytards: It is better than the Simpsons, because it is real.

Ryan’s Channel: Dear Ryan can you be a ……?

What do you watch recently?

The Narwhal song, really?

According to Wiki:

Narwhals is a looped animated music video, much like Weebl’s earlier work “Scampi”, and is animated by Wonchop. This music video is about the narwhal, and, throughout the song, a list of “facts” are presented as to why the narwhal is an awesome creature. They are variously described as being, among other things, “the Jedi of the sea” and “inventors of the Shish Kebab”. This is accompanied by claims that narwhals could “beat a polar bear in a fight” or that they can “stop Cthulhu eating ye”, with a warning to not allow Narwhals to make contact with one’s testicles.