Dell XPS 1645 overheat with kernel 3.0.0-13

I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and recently upgraded kernel from 3.0.0-12 to 3.0.0-13. The laptop gets hot very quickly and the CUP/GPU fan runs crazy. I found a solution which works for me.

* Download the linux header –>
* Download the linux image –>
* Install them (remove existing kernel 3.0.0-13)
* Install the linux header and image.
* Reinstall the ATI proprietary driver (important!)
* Restart the machine

Bonus: I installed <a href=""Jupiter on Ubuntu and turn it to “power saver”. Now the laptop is very quiet now.

The graphic card driver needs to be reinstalled, after kernel is upgraded each time, otherwise I am not able to boot into the graphic user interface or having overheat problem (this time)


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