Your job application is not successful

So today I received a phone call. The person on the other side told me my job application is not successful. I was not surprised, because I knew it after the interview. My experience only matches the selection criteria 50%. I never have experience for the other half.

The fact is most of previous my experience was learnt during the job, so picking up new things and quickly turning them into my expertise is the strength for me.


This is the email I sent, after I received the phone call:
* Thank you for having me to the interview.
* Before going into the meeting room, I walked around to have a feeling about the environment. e.g. Where is the toilet, kitchen, work space and canteen.
* A few ladies passed by and I had a look at what they were holding and listen what they were talking about. (Again, have a feeling of the environment)
* During the interview, I knew more about the division and the persons who did the interview with me.
* After the interview, I review myself on which part I was doing well and bad, so I can predict the result and improve for the future.
* A favor I want to ask is: if you know anyone needs someone like me, please my resume to them.

Even the interview is failure, building a connection is the only thing I can do and it is important. More than 50% of jobs are never posted, so having connections is crucial.


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